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Hi, when I click on L2 or L3 in the settings to translate the months, ... it redirects me to a non-existing page (404)

  • Hi,
    According to the documentation of eventon, you can add more languages as explained here:


    I then used that information to add this to my functions.php:

    add_filter(‘eventon_lang_var_count’,’eventon_lang_count’, 10, 1);
    add_filter(‘eventon_lang_variation’,’eventon_lang_vars’, 10, 1);
    function eventon_lang_count($count){
    // return 4 to support 1 additional languages on top of 3 existing ones
    return 4;
    /*function eventon_lang_vars($array){
    // add 1 additional language called KU and replace exisiting L1 to NL, L2 to FR, L3 to EN
    $new_array = array(‘NL’,’FR’,’EN’,’KU’);
    return $new_array;

    but then when I click on the languages I added in the settings, it reverts to a non-existing page.

    I then took the code above out, and the L1,L2,L3 came back as before, but when I click on L2 for example to translate these words in the list (months, days, …) it also goes to a non existing page.

    Is it possible to change L1, L2, L3 to these languages I mentioned in my code? And if so, can I still translate them, and if not, how can I fix it so the L2, L3 doesn’t go a non – existing page?

    Thank you!

    BY: Steven Cannoodt - Apr 14,2019 AT 8:49PM - 7 hours ago
    • By: Artem Apr 15,2019 AT 2:52AM - Posted 7 hours ago - #120326


      Please don't use NL, FR,... Reverse your changes and use $new_array = array('L4'); in order to add L4 as a forth language.

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