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Hide custom meta field on event top on an event page but not on events lists or basic event calendars


I created a custom meta field for a Sign Up button for events that we are selling tickets for through EventOn Event Tickets. The button shows up on the events list in the event top so people can see the event is purchasable when viewing an event list or the general event calendar. However, it also shows up on the event page and makes it confusing like there is another button to hit. Looks like the same event top is used in the first section. We would like to hide that custom field on the Event page but we can’t do it. The id on the button is the same on both the event page and event list and wherever it is displayed, and we can’t find the correct selector to only hide it on the event page and not the event list or general event calendar.

Also, a feature request for the feature would be to include a toggle with EventOn Event Tickets to show something on the event top in an event list or event calendar to show a Buy Tickets message or something.

thank you!

BY: Keelan Jones - Apr 21,2023 AT 12:02PM - 21 minutes ago
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