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hide event types without event


We have defined several event types based on which the user can filter the displayed events. Now there are types for which there is no event in the current month, which thus lead to the message “No events”. Is it possible to hide these event types in the filter?

Specifically, we would like that, for example, on the demo page (https://demo.myeventon.com) in the top example (basic calendar styles – default use), the dress code “White Tie” cannot be selected in September, because no suitable events take place in September.

Many thanks

BY: Daniel Walker - Sep 28,2021 AT 3:06AM - 27 minutes ago
    • By: Artem Sep 28,2021 AT 3:27AM - Posted 27 minutes ago - #252903


      Please take a look at “Show only selected filters”:

      Add only categories that have assigned events and then enable the option.

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