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HIde first event in tile grid

Hi im using this shortcode

[add_eventon show_et_ft_img=”yes” hide_end_time=”yes” tiles=”yes” tile_count=”3″ tile_bg=”1″ tile_style=”1″ etc_override=”yes” number_of_months=”12″ hide_past=”yes”]

Workes great but i want to hide the always the first event because i have above this shortcode

[add_eventon_list event_count=”1″ hide_so=”yes” hide_month_headers=”yes” hide_mult_occur=”yes” hide_empty_months=”yes” hide_past=”yes” show_et_ft_img=”yes” tiles=”yes” tile_style=”1″ etc_override=”yes” tile_count=”1″ tile_bg=”1″ ]

which shows always the next upcoming event… so both shortcodes are on one page and on the tile list i want to hide the first event so they are not double

thx for help

BY: Daniel Knoflicek - Jul 1,2021 AT 9:37PM - 3 hours ago
    • By: infotainerdave Jul 1,2021 AT 10:00PM - Posted 3 hours ago - #243665

      thats not really possible unless you edit todays event every day

      i would also get rid of show_et_ft_img=”yes” from both shortcodes as you have already set the shortcode to display the featured image on the tile

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