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Hide "No end time" field on submission and make it Yes by default

Hi and thanks for a great job with the calendar and all the addons.

How do I hide the “No end time” field on the submission form? And ss it also possible to make it default on Yes, so people will not see the Event End Date/Time * field aswell?

BY: infaroe - Jan 17,2017 AT 5:33AM - 2 years ago
    • By: Ashish Rai Jan 18,2017 AT 8:55AM - Posted 5 years ago - #23932

      You can hide it with custom css code but cannot make it Yes by default.

      Where do you have the form?

      Give us exact url of the page

    • By: infaroe Jan 18,2017 AT 9:00AM - Posted 5 years ago - #23934

      The url is: http://www.brudleyp.fo/skraseting-a-brudarkalendaran/ but its under construction, so you will not be able to enter I guess. I have added an image. I need then to hide: Event End Date/Time * and “No end time”.

    • By: Ashish Rai Jan 19,2017 AT 5:39AM - Posted 5 years ago - #24152

      Please send us wp-admin access to your site as a private message for us to further assist your situation.

    • By: infotainerdave Jan 22,2017 AT 8:24PM - Posted 5 years ago - #24688

      we need full admin access

      we need to create events and test things to hide-

      we need access to eventon>>>>styles to hide things

    • By: infotainerdave Jan 22,2017 AT 8:32PM - Posted 5 years ago - #24689

      However with css we should be able to remove the end times

      what you can do is change the language of the all day event to something else- something simple like:

      Have you double checked the dates to make sure they are correct? they tick yes – and all good

    • By: infaroe Jan 23,2017 AT 9:13AM - Posted 5 years ago - #24781

      hi Ashish, sorry thought you had admin access, but you do now. How do I hide it with css?

    • By: Ashish Rai Jan 26,2017 AT 10:14AM - Posted 5 years ago - #25541

      Please go to eventon->styles and add following code in the panel and save the settings:

      .evoau_table .row:nth-child(5) p:nth-child(2) {
      visibility: hidden;

      If you do not see any changes, go to myeventon->settings and turn on “Write dynamic styles to header” button.

      If you still do not see any change, turn off “Write dynamic styles to header” button, save the settings, turn it back and save the settings again.

    • By: infaroe Jan 26,2017 AT 1:51PM - Posted 5 years ago - #25562

      Thanks thats working fine. Is it also possible to hide the “All day event Yes/No” field and “Event End Date/Time* field with css codes?

    • By: infaroe Jan 27,2017 AT 11:05AM - Posted 5 years ago - #25684

      I found out how to use the css codes. Thanks for the help Ashish 🙂

    • By: Ashish Rai Jan 27,2017 AT 10:54PM - Posted 5 years ago - #25714

      ok. That’s great.

      Please open new ticket if you need our help again.

    • By: Tobias Persson May 24,2019 AT 5:51AM - Posted 2 years ago - #124348

      Please make this a function in admin where we could set values for show/hide endtime and enddate by default.

    • By: Ashish Rai May 25,2019 AT 8:13PM - Posted 2 years ago - #124474

      Hello Tobias,

      Please open a feature-request ticket if you want to see any features/functions added in future version of the plugin. It will definitely get consideration if it gets enough votes from other users.

      Thank you

    • By: John-Pierre Cornelissen Sep 3,2019 AT 6:34AM - Posted 2 years ago - #136926

      I couldn’t find a feature request for this yet so I created it here



      Please vote 😉

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