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How can I extend the possible websites per key, and how can I delete Webseite to free up my contingent of valid licenses?

  • I need to free up my license amount value of 5 active sites. How can I achieve that?

    BY: Christian Strucks | Mar 14,2019 AT 2:56PM | Updated 2 days ago
    • Hello,

      You can upgrade your license with http://customer.ashanjay.com/eventon-license-upgrade-request/

      To deactivate your license please go to wp-admin > EventON > Licenses > press Deactivate.

      BY: Artem | Mar 15,2019 AT 3:07AM | Posted 3 days ago
    • Checked all these topics. I have deactivated the plugin on sites which are no longer needed and I requested anyhow an extension of the license values.

      Still I can not avtivate the plugin on my multisite. Can you please guide me through the right config now? What is needed to do?

      Happy to get an answer really soon…

      Best & thanks

      BY: Christian Strucks | Mar 15,2019 AT 10:10AM | Posted 3 days ago
    • To activate it on a Multisite installation please don’t use Network Admin > Plugins > Network Activate, but go to the site and activate the plugin there instead. After go to EventON > License > activate.

      BY: Artem | Mar 15,2019 AT 2:15PM | Posted 2 days ago
    • Hi all, thanks for the support so far. I have done all the things and more. Let me describe the situation.
      I have a multisite installation. The main site is working well, with my purchased license. (I think this license should work up to 5 sites right?).
      One of my networksites, (configured as subdomain) should also work with this plugin, but other data in it.
      So I had deactivate the sharing of the main plugin on network level. Installed the plugin on the Subdomain site. Try to activate with the key I had. Doesn‘t work.

      Then I have purchased a complete new version over codecanyon. Installed and put the new key in for activation. Does not work as well!

      Checked the database and the evo-license entry has the information inactive.

      So I have now purchased two times the plugin, have two keys and only on the main domain the plugin is working. What is wrong here??

      The behaviour is, when I try to activate on the subdomain, that the window refresh’s but nothing else will happen.


      I need urgently support please. What kind of additional Information do you need from me? I also will try to implement some additional functions, but without a proper working main plugin function, I can not purchase the next extensions for having more benefits out of the plugin. So please can you support me…?

      Thanks in advance,

      BY: Christian Strucks | Mar 16,2019 AT 6:43AM | Posted 2 days ago
    • Please send us wp-admin access to your site as a private message for us to further assist your situation.

      Please also send us your order ID for eventon addon purchases and we can check in our system for license status and fix this for you asap.

      BY: Artem | Mar 18,2019 AT 4:27AM | Posted 6 hours ago


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