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How can I jump directly to an EventCard?

How can I jump directly to an EventCard? I want to create a link to jump directly to the program of the day so that you see the timetable and have not to scroll all the way trough.

BY: Christian Friedsam - Sep 3,2021 AT 10:16PM - 27 minutes ago
    • By: infotainerdave Sep 4,2021 AT 12:35AM - Posted 27 minutes ago - #250965

      i am not sure i 100% understand

      so you have a paragraph of text talking about a program and then within that you link to the single event page and it scrolls down a little bit past the event top?

      I suspect what you are after is an Anchor link AKA jump link


      YOu would have that ID in the event description say the ID is 123

      then the link would be yoursite.com/yourpage/#123

      for example you could have 

      <h4 id="yabadabadoo"></h4>

      and the link if its on the same page would be simply #yabadabadoo

      is the program on the same page or is it on another page?

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