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How can we manually add attendees or ticket purchases for re-occurring events?

I have some re-occurring events that are assigned to WooCommerce products (tickets).

There will be times where attendees will need to be added to an event after the event has taken place. They may have turned up at the event without purchasing a ticket on the website first. We need them to be added to the event for reports etc. and we really need this to be done in the admin rather than the front-end as there could be many attendees to add.

The problem is when we go to manually do a WooCommerce order you can select the ticket (product) that is assigned to the event but it’s out of date it’s not the current re-occurring event’s date.

I hope this makes sense. The only way I could see to resolve this would be to create a product for every re-occurrence of an event and re-assign the event product every time this is really not a good way. Any suggestions would be great.


BY: E SMITH - Sep 22,2022 AT 8:53AM - 2 hours ago
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