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How to show events of the day by starting time only

  • Hi,

    I am using the Daily view plugin and I would like to know if there is an Option or shortcode that would allow to show the events starting the current day but not having them to appear the next day because they are ending early in the morning the next day.

    I try to keep it simple, I found somehow confusing to have one same event split over two days, to be honest in my case, very few attendees will drive at 01:00 am when the event finishes at 02:00 am moreover when people is viewing the next upcoming events they see sometimes 4-6 events at the top before viewing the events of that day, it would make things simple to show the events of the day by starting time and not take into account the ending time in order to make the calendar clearer.

    Have a great weekend.

    BY: Bruno Castellazzi - Mar 14,2019 AT 5:52AM - 2 months ago
    • By: Artem Mar 14,2019 AT 1:20PM - Posted 2 months ago - #116403


      Please try to go to Edit Event > Time > enable Hide End Time from calendar.

    • By: Bruno Castellazzi Mar 15,2019 AT 1:06AM - Posted 2 months ago - #116441


      Thank you for your response.

      Very good, but it maybe a problem with some Action Users they don't have this option in their submission form, does it exist an option that would apply this "Hide End Time from calendar" to all events already published ? is there a shortcode by any chance ?

      Have a great weekend.


    • By: Artem Mar 18,2019 AT 4:13AM - Posted 2 months ago - #116809

      Please add this to the shortcode:

    • By: Bruno Castellazzi Mar 19,2019 AT 12:26AM - Posted 2 months ago - #116927


      Thank you for your response.

      I forgot about this pratical shortcode.


    • By: Artem Mar 19,2019 AT 2:35AM - Posted 2 months ago - #116958

      We are glad your issue is resolved, if you have any further questions or concerns please create a new ticket.

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