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I have a API generated and input the right information, but I still getting a blank space on my google maps preview.

  • Hello people, since the instalation I’ve some difficulties to get a google maps preview on my EvenOn plugin. They appears only once a time and now I get a blank space on it. Can somebody help me?

    BY: kisley gomes | Nov 8,2018 AT 1:27PM | Updated 3 months ago
    • BY: kisley gomes | Nov 8,2018 AT 1:28PM | Posted 3 months ago
    • Hello,

      I am sorry, the access information you have provided did not work for us. Please check them and post the correct login information as a private message, thank you!

      Please check if EventON > Google Maps API > Google maps API Key (Required) is filled in.

      BY: Artem | Nov 9,2018 AT 3:21AM | Posted 3 months ago
    • Hi Kisley,

      The issue is with the API key you are using.

      There is an error and you should check the provided reference to get it sorted.


      Please check the screenshot.

      I tested with our API key, and the map shows up fine.

      Thank You

      BY: Ashish Rai | Nov 12,2018 AT 10:17AM | Posted 3 months ago
    • Ok, thank you very much!

      BY: kisley gomes | Nov 12,2018 AT 11:55AM | Posted 3 months ago
    • Happy we could help!
      Please feel free to create a new ticket if you need anything else.

      BY: Basilis Kanonidis | Nov 14,2018 AT 10:03AM | Posted 3 months ago


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