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Include Anything dosn´t appear in Tile view

Events make with Include Anything Adon dos not appear in Tile view. List view is OK. The Shortcode is :
[add_eventon_el event_count=”50″ etc_override=”yes” tiles=”yes” tile_count=”4″ exp_jumper=”yes”   bottom_nav=”no” sep_month=”yes” tile_bg=”1″ tile_style=”1″ eventtop_style=’0′ tile_height=”350″ ux_val=”3a” add_eventon include_any=”yes” event_type=”18517, 18522, 18481,18484,18483,18478,18476,18482,18485, 18477,18486,18487,” show_limit=”yes”  hide_past=”yes”  exp_so=”no” el_type=”dr”].
Please, can You show me the right Short code?

Greetings Achim

BY: Achim Gottschalk - Jun 23,2022 AT 4:26AM - 3 hours ago
    • By: Artem Jun 23,2022 AT 8:59AM - Posted 3 hours ago - #280700


      The issue is with event_type. You cannot assign an event type to a post.

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