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Issue add additional fields to download attendees CSV file

I followed the instructions from this page:

The two additional fields I added show up in the Column Headers, but the Row Values are populating from somewhere else.

here is the code I am using:
Create a CSV column header for EventOn Additional Checkout Field:

add_filter(‘evotx_csv_headers’, ‘evotx_add_headers’,10,2);
function evotx_add_headers($array, $EVENT){
$array[] = ‘Company’;
$array[] = ‘Position’;
return $array;

Add CSV Row Value for EventOn Additional Checkout Field:

add_filter(‘evotx_csv_row’, ‘evotx_add_row’,10,4);
function evotx_add_row( $array, $tn, $td, $EVENT){
$array[‘company’] = $EVENT->ID;
$array[‘position’] = $EVENT->get_title();

return $array;

I am using the Snippet plugin to add the code.


BY: Jack Bacigalupo - Aug 27,2021 AT 2:04PM - 27 minutes ago
    • By: Artem Aug 27,2021 AT 2:20PM - Posted 28 minutes ago - #250052


      $EVENT->ID and $EVENT->get_title() aren’t correct in this case because they output Event ID and Event Title. Please take a look at

      How to get custom values

      The second part of the code, pass on the value for each row of attendee. The function get variables $tn (ticket number), $td (ticket data array) and $EVENT (main event class) You can use those to create values for the new field you are adding to each attendee in the CSV file.

      $td – the ticket data array holds an array of data for the ticket. You can use print_r($td) within the code to see what information is there and use correct associate path in the array to show those information.

      eg. $td[‘oD’][‘ordered_date’] – will get you the date the ticket was ordered.

      $td[‘oDD’][‘order_id’] – will give you order ID for the ticket.

    • By: Artem Aug 27,2021 AT 2:21PM - Posted 27 minutes ago - #250054

      So you need to check if $td array actually contains your values: company and position.

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