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It is possible to override this files in child theme?

Hi, i want to override the files:



Is it possible? I want to change some options like the “Driving directions”, i want to use the geo lat & long instead of the address. I’ve changed the code and works, but i want to put it in child theme because if I update the plugin i will lose all the changes. Regards.

BY: pacadia - Mar 12,2017 AT 10:38AM - 4 years ago
    • By: Ashish Rai Mar 13,2017 AT 9:45AM - Posted 5 years ago - #31060

      Thank you for your messages, I am going to assign this ticket to Ashan and he will be able to take it from here and find you a solution. Please allow some time for him to get back to you, we greatly appreciate your patience and thank you for being a eventon customer!

    • By: Ashan Perera Mar 14,2017 AT 10:19AM - Posted 5 years ago - #31204

      Nope this is not a duplicatable file. If you want to send the code I can implement it in there for the next update so that it will work for you as well 🙂

    • By: pacadia Mar 14,2017 AT 11:12AM - Posted 5 years ago - #31212

      Thanks for the reply Ashan. It’s only a small change. I made it because the “Get directions” button uses the google maps URL + address but I have some event locations that doesn’t have a real address… That’s why I prefer to use the latitude & longitude of the location.

      Regards! 🙂

    • By: Ashan Perera Mar 15,2017 AT 8:43AM - Posted 5 years ago - #31313

      If you wouldnt mind sharing the changes you did I can include them in eventon so others in same need can also benefit from this 🙂

    • By: Ed Holtzman May 17,2017 AT 9:02AM - Posted 4 years ago - #37615

      @Pacadia , Can you share the changes you made? This mod would be perfect for a site I’m working on where the locations do not have street address, just LAT & LONG

    • By: Ashan Perera May 17,2017 AT 11:27AM - Posted 4 years ago - #37656

      I dont think he was going to share it 🙂

      Here is how to do it:

      file: eventon/includes/class-calendar_generator.php


      This change is for eventon 2.5.3 version

      Here is the new code

      // GET directions
      if(!empty($LocTermMeta[‘location_lat’]) && !empty($LocTermMeta[‘location_lon’])){
      $_eventcard[‘getdirection’] = array(‘fromaddress’=>$LocTermMeta[‘location_lat’].’,’.$LocTermMeta[‘location_lon’]);
      if($location_address ){
      $_eventcard[‘getdirection’] = array(‘fromaddress’=>$location_address);

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