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I have to translate EventOn’s backend manually with Loco-Translate, as far as I’ve seen. So far I have not been able to find a “ready” German language file anywhere.
How about ActionUser? Do I have to manually translate the interface that the users see or is it displayed in German like the calendar interface?


BY: Thomas Dubbis - Oct 11,2022 AT 1:12PM - 5 months ago
    • By: Artem Oct 11,2022 AT 2:33PM - Posted 6 months ago - #292023


      Please go to EventON > Language > EXPORT USING TEXT. Translate the downloaded file with, for example, Google Translate. Now you can fix mistakes and then import the file with EventON > Language > Import.

    • By: Thomas Dubbis Nov 3,2022 AT 2:53PM - Posted 5 months ago - #295313

      Hello, is it possible to test action user somewhere live in admin mode? I think 80 bucks for “testing” and taking out a year’s subscription is quite a lot.
      Especially since it costs more than three times as much as the calendar license as an “extension” for an existing plugin anyway.

    • By: Artem Nov 4,2022 AT 3:33AM - Posted 5 months ago - #295344


      Please go to https://dev.myeventon.com/wp-admin/

      Use tester/pass login info.

      Docs on how to use the add-on:


    • By: Thomas Dubbis Nov 7,2022 AT 10:01AM - Posted 5 months ago - #295595

      The backend and the possibility of translation looks good.
      Can someone insert a frontend shortcode to see how it works and how changes affect it?

      Do event creators need to be registered? If so, do they see the backend? Or will they get a new role? Because I don’t want users to come into the backend or see that.

    • By: Artem Nov 7,2022 AT 11:22AM - Posted 5 months ago - #295605

      Please take a look at


      You can add a shortcode by yourself and test everything. dev allows you to do so.

      It depends if “Assign logged-in user to event after successful event submission” is enabled. WP handles the user registration process. You can assign any role you like to newly registered people. You can allow them to see the back-end if you like.

    • By: Thomas Dubbis Nov 7,2022 AT 1:39PM - Posted 5 months ago - #295629

      Ah, now I found out too. Are additional fields offered? In my calendar I have a field for external ticket service providers (buy tickets ONLINE) and a price. Can they also be taken over there, so that the creators can then specify it?

      I found and tried most of them. The only thing I don’t understand is the registration of the creators. Somehow I can’t find anything where they can log in/register.
      The registration has been hidden on my site so far because I don’t want to allow any comments either.

    • By: Artem Nov 8,2022 AT 4:22AM - Posted 5 months ago - #295690

      You can use Custom Meta fields:


      Make sure to enable them in EventON > Action User > Form Fields.

      Somehow I can’t find anything where they can log in/register.

      WordPress handles this: https://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-allow-user-registration-on-your-wordpress-site/

      EventON only checks if the current user logged-in or not and also their role. But all the registration functionality is on WordPress.

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