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Language settings don't work, and no location or organizer pages.

Problem 1:

  1. Installed Eventon Demo on dev site, works great.
  2. Update to Pro and activate, still works great.
  3. Layers theme works crap in other ways, so start to recreate site with Divi on other domain (see above for domain)
  4. Install Eventon Pro on new site, activate.
  5. Language settings does not work, only get a loooong row of SQL errors of the type “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘evcal_lang_1’ in /storage/content/09/4001809/divi.naturumdalarna.se/public_html/wp-content/plugins/eventON/includes/admin/settings/settings_language_tab.php on line 321 Warning: Illegal string offset ‘evcal_lang_2’ in /storage/content/09/4001809/divi.naturumdalarna.se/public_html/wp-content/plugins/eventON/includes/admin/settings/settings_language_tab.php on line 321”

Problem 2:

I have recreated the locations and organizer manually from the old site. Inputting them worked fine, but I can’t see the single-page view of the location/organizer by clicking View: I just get a “no results found” error.

I will leave the plugin inactive for the time being, but since you have the user name/password you can activate it yourself to see the problems.

BY: Peter Hjalmarsson - Apr 26,2017 AT 12:47PM - 4 years ago
    • By: Peter Hjalmarsson Apr 26,2017 AT 12:52PM - Posted 4 years ago - #35391

      Never mind problem 2, I just realized that I had not changed the permalink settings to post name.

      Problem 1 is still very much the same though.

    • By: Ashish Rai Apr 27,2017 AT 10:53AM - Posted 4 years ago - #35505

      This may be an issue with php version. Your server is using 7.1.4 version.

      Can you revert to previous version and check once?

    • By: Peter Hjalmarsson Apr 27,2017 AT 2:20PM - Posted 4 years ago - #35520

      Nah, the web host don’t allow different versions AFAIK. You might be right though – I just checked the old server, and it has v 5.6.30. I need to check with my web host tomorrow morning (it’s 11pm here in Sweden right now) and get back to you. It’s weird, because both servers run on the same shared account, so I assumed they would have the same PHP server?

      Anyway, if it is a PHP version problem and there’s no fallback, are there any plans to get EventON working with a newer PHP version?

    • By: infotainerdave Apr 27,2017 AT 7:56PM - Posted 4 years ago - #35557

      some hosts allow you to have different php versions for different folders. if you have cpanel  look for php version manager (sometimes found under software)

    • By: Peter Hjalmarsson Apr 28,2017 AT 12:04AM - Posted 4 years ago - #35564

      The host’s support helped med change back to 5.6.30 this morning, and it seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you for your help!

    • By: Ashish Rai May 1,2017 AT 8:57AM - Posted 4 years ago - #35774

      ok. great.

      If you have a moment, we would greatly appreciate if you could kindly leave us a review at codecanyon! from your account > downloads. Cheers!

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