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Manually add ticket order not working


I have the ticket add on and want to manually add ticket. The event is a repeating event. I want to add an order for the event that is on a friday for example.

  1. Go to woocommerce/ticket Orders and “add order”.
  2. “Add item(s)
  3. “Add product(s)
  4. Choose event (Now I want to be able to add meta like the date, but I can’t. For what day am I adding the order for? See https://unsee.cc/zotumige/)
  5. Pre-Discount, doesn’t work (when I say Pre-discount €10,- it shows Discount -€45,- https://unsee.cc/nugimate/ (How does this work? How can I give a discount on a order?)
  6. Is this a ticket order? Yes
  7. Save order
  8. Order is updated and shows 2 Event ticket numbers. Why? https://unsee.cc/togupade/
  9. Mail send is incorrect with the amount https://unsee.cc/gotapibu/

Please can you give some info about this? There is no documentation about this.


BY: marcoAtMCMedia - Mar 22,2017 AT 7:06AM - 4 years ago
    • By: Ashan Perera Mar 22,2017 AT 9:15AM - Posted 4 years ago - #31949

      I dont know what this pre-discount is. And as far as more tickets create there is a bug in the addon which we have resolved in our beta version which we are trying to really hard to push live as soon as we can.

      And I do not recommend adding repeating events from backend because there are other meta values that need to be passed for repeating events that do not get passed when adding from backend.

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