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Map and list as homepage

I bought the maps addon and am looking to get the following view:
Display at the same time the map of all my upcoming events and below the list of all events. I got there but:

1 – I cannot have the filter by month which would allow me to filter certain months and certain years on my card and my list. I have all my events and that’s all. Can I have these filters?

2 – I put filters and when I use them my map zooms in on the events and the requested list. My problem is that on my map there are still events that are not in my criteria (and when my visitors click on the extra events, they do not appear on the list of events below the map.
Is it possible that my visitors have all the events displayed on the map and then only keep the events according to my filters (as in request 1)

Here is my shortcode:

[add_eventon_evmap show_alle=”yes” map_type=”upcoming” filter_type=”default” show_year=”no” ux_val=”4a” ” etc_override=”yes” tiles=”yes” tile_bg=”1″ eventtop_style=”2″ tile_style=”1″ tile_count=”3″ hide_past=”yes” tile_height=”300″ exp_so=”yes” hide_empty_months=”yes”  loc_page=”yes” focusmap=”yes” search=”yes” number_of_months=”24″ jumper=”yes” exp_jumper=”yes”]

BY: Gerald Galliano - Jul 23,2021 AT 2:43PM - 2 hours ago
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