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Missing field in RSVP response email

  • When a user selects YES to RSVP and the popup window appears, the user fills in their details but we are not getting Additional Notes field in the response email that is sent to the admin email.
    Is there a line in the code that we should put in but we are missing?

    BY: Gary Hunter - Nov 7,2019 AT 4:51PM - 15 hours ago
    • By: Artem Nov 8,2019 AT 4:58AM - Posted 15 hours ago - #145575


      I cannot access wp-admin because of Access Denied - Sucuri Website Firewall.

      Could you please update EventON to 2.7.3 and RSVP add-on to 2.6.6? Please also remove any email templates customizations, if you've made any.

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