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Multi-day events which cross a month boundry show up twice in month-independent event list

We’re using “Event Lists: Extended” with the following shortcode, to display a list of upcoming events that is filtered by event type:
[add_eventon_el el_type=”ue” event_type=”27,” sep_month=”no” number_of_months=”12″]
In this scenario, a multi-day event which spans across a month border/boundry is displayed twice and thus irritates visitors a duplicate.
Is this a bug in the product or how do I need to update my shortcode to avoid this behaviour?
Thanks a lot for your help!

BY: René Fritsch - Mar 7,2022 AT 12:12PM - 7 hours ago
    • By: Artem Mar 7,2022 AT 1:12PM - Posted 7 hours ago - #271059


      Please add this to the shortcode:


      This hides events from showing more than once in between months.

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