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My calendar creates an iCal link; how can I use that with the ICS importer?

I have a web link to an iCal feed that I would like to put on my website. It’s actually the entire reason I purchased EventON. I also purchased the ICS importer addon. I see that there’s a place to copy and paste the ICS file URL, but it seems to not be working with the iCal URL.

How can I move forward? My goal is to schedule automatic daily updates so the EventON calendar is always synced to the external one. Thanks in advance!

BY: Angela Day - Nov 4,2023 AT 9:18AM - 1 month ago
    • By: Artem Nov 5,2023 AT 8:15AM - Posted 1 month ago - #330889


      Please take a look at this guide:


      Make sure that the .ics link your calendar creates is public and can be accessed and downloaded by a third-party app (in this case – EventON).

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