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My website https://www.midwaste.org.au/ has FC in the 2nd column @bottom. Problem is that selected day stays on and shows for next month.

  • I can’t seem to unstick a selected day and it is carrying through when you click over the next month. My client doiesn’t want this active on thier site.

    My menu shortcode is below.

    [add_eventon_fc cal_id=”MainEvents” grid_ux=”2″ nexttogrid=”no” ft_event_priority=”yes” event_type=”85,86,87,88,91″ etc_override=”no” show_et_ft_img=”no” hover=”numname” style=”names” ]

    BY: Rodney Miller - Jun 28,2020 AT 8:05PM - 3 months ago
    • By: Basilis Kanonidis Jun 29,2020 AT 1:48AM - Posted 3 months ago - #183401

      Hi Rodney,

      Can you please confirm to us exactly what is happening?

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