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need to DISPLAY on the shortcode ONLY some eventtype1 and eventtype2 as filters -and of course hide the others.

  • Hi, for example, I have 100 event types 1 -countries- , and 50 event type 2 -activities-
    I NEED display as FILTERS for my listings (also on the map, as I would buy the addon), only:
    10 eventtype 1
    5 event type 2
    and of course, HIDE the rest of the others (letting the user to select for filtering any of the VISIBLE event types.)
    Please let me know how -shortcode- could I display only some event types as filters, and HIDE all the others.
    PS: set the ticket to private please, and I will send you a link to test on my site.

    BY: A G - Sep 30,2019 AT 9:52PM - 1 hour ago
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