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New event shows as sold out after duplicating prior event


We successfully created an event last month and would like to duplicate it again for this month. The duplication works, however the event now shows as Sold Out. It should be noted that there are product variations (i.e. ticket tiers with different prices).

BY: Erik Desrosiers - Aug 2,2021 AT 10:59PM - 2 hours ago
    • By: Erik Desrosiers Aug 2,2021 AT 11:00PM - Posted 2 hours ago - #247246

      This is an issue with the Event Tickets extension.

    • By: Erik Desrosiers Aug 2,2021 AT 11:10PM - Posted 2 hours ago - #247247

      Just notice that “Place ticket on out of stock” is activated for the event. When I disable that setting and update the event, the setting remains activated anyway.

    • By: Kenneth Aug 2,2021 AT 11:55PM - Posted 1 hour ago - #247254

      Hi Erik,

      Please update Eventon to 3.1.7 and check if that solves the issue. 

      To update eventon to latest version: If you are unable to do autoupdate, you can go to codecanyon your account > download and get the latest eventon version as zip file. Then you can go to your website, deactivate old eventon, activate (Do not delete eventon settings & data when EventON is uninstalled) from eventon settings, delete old eventon, install new one and activate. This link will further explain the process it.

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