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New RSVP notifications via email to the website/event host aren't coming through. Sometimes the RSVP confirmation to the attendee works.

  • I’ve been using eventON RSVP plugin for a while now and when I test it, the RSVP confirmation email to the attendee works as well as the new event RSVP email notification to the even host. Now the new event RSVP notification isn’t coming through to the host’s email, and sometimes does for the event RSVP confirmation. I tested it on old sites that I knew were working, and all of a sudden it isn’t working anymore on those either.

    I just downloaded the new updated version of the eventON RSVP plugin and deactivated and deleted the old version & it still isn’t working. The email isn’t even in my spam box.

    BY: Sarah Brown - Jul 10,2019 AT 8:41AM - 4 hours ago
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