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Next month upcoming events in [add_eventon] shortcode


We bought EventON – Event Lists Ext addon, because we would like to showcase upcoming events on our homepage. The shortcode should be displaying actual and also future month’s upcoming events, but it is only displying this month’s events and because of this, on the last days of the actual month it is not displaying anything, just the text no upcoming events (which is very confusing, because there are many upcoming events, just in the next month). We are using this shortcode now:

[add_eventon show_limit=”no” show_upcoming=”1″ number_of_months=”5″ hide_empty_months=”yes” show_limit_ajax=”no” hide_arrows=”yes” livenow_bar=”yes” hide_cancels=”yes” hide_so=”yes” show_et_ft_img=”yes” hide_end_time=”yes” ux_val=”3″ event_count=”2″ eventtop_style=”5″ eventtop_date_style=”0″ jumper=”no” bottom_nav=”no”]

There are lot of CSS code written for this to display as our needs, so we would like to use the same shortcode and ux. Is it possible to do this? How can we show upcoming events for next months with the bought addon?

This is the page where the shortcode added: https://doboz.co.hu/

BY: Attila Sotus - Mar 31,2024 AT 3:10AM - 2 hours ago
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