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None of my calendars are displaying the proper text, they are displaying my blog post

  • Hi
    I went to check the front end calendars in the side bars on my website and none of them are displaying the actual information that I have saved for each date. They are displaying an image and text from my latest blog.
    I’m not sure if this is a bug or what can you help?

    BY: Susann Herrmann - Nov 21,2020 AT 9:43AM - 34 minutes ago
    • By: Basilis Kanonidis Nov 21,2020 AT 2:26PM - Posted 15 hours ago - #207526

      Hi Susann.

      That depends on your theme.

      If you have problem to enable them, you can always create a customization.

      You can send us a customization job request by creating a new ticket in here and selecting Customization Request as the category.

    • By: Susann Herrmann Nov 22,2020 AT 5:36AM - Posted 34 minutes ago - #207552


      I didn’t make my self properly clear about the issue.

      My main calendar is working correctly and until yesterday all my Widget placed sidebar calendars worked perfectly.

      What is happening at the moment is that although the Widgets look ok when you look at a page say for example https://www.centreformindfulliving.org/mindfulness-residential-retreats-events-isle-of-wight/
      here I have a single sidebar widget which up until yesterday worked perfectly, now it is displaying an image which I didn’t add to the back end of the event calendar. See Images
      Also if you then click More>> I am getting a complete display for my latest blog.

      I contacted my hosting company and they informed me that there is an error in the EventOn system.

      I really would appreciate your help especially as this issue started after I installed the latest up date.


    • By: Susann Herrmann Nov 22,2020 AT 5:37AM - Posted 33 minutes ago - #207554

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