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Past Events / All Day

using hide_past_by=”ee” to hide past events on lists does not work properly for all-day events

Once the time shown next to the all-day event has been reached, it thinks the event has passed.

BY: Michael Holden - Mar 12,2022 AT 4:05AM - 1 year ago
    • By: Artem Mar 13,2022 AT 1:59PM - Posted 1 year ago - #271746


      Please send us wp-admin access to your site as a private message for us to further assist your situation.

    • By: Michael Holden Apr 21,2022 AT 5:58AM - Posted 1 year ago - #276053

      Sorry I didnt see the reply.

      You are only going to see the issue by logging in if you can log in the right time.

      For example if you looked now (time 13:54) an all day event which has also stored the time of 08:02 does not show for today. But you will only see the problem until the end of the day when it does become a past event and all is fine.

      Does  hide_past_by=”ee” work in the lite version? Thinking we could try setting up a test site for you to see the problem

    • By: Artem Apr 21,2022 AT 11:26AM - Posted 1 year ago - #276106

      Could you try going to EventON > Time Settings > enable Use UTC offset time globally on calendars (BETA)?

      hide_past_by=”ee” does work and is selected by default, so you don’t need to add it specifically. Please also make sure that you added event_past_future=”past” to the shortcode.

    • By: Michael Holden Apr 22,2022 AT 3:48AM - Posted 1 year ago - #276148

      The UTC offset didnt help.

      To explain a little more, I am wanting to show future events and hide past events, but include those from today

      using [add_eventon event_past_future=”future” hide_past_by=”ee”]

      Even though it is an all day event, once the time recorded next to the allday setting has passed, they do not show using the future shortcode above

      So, an event with details as per the attached image will show until 13:03 and then it will disappear, even though it is an all day event. If I change the time to 23:59 then it will be visible until that time.


      ( 13:03 is just the time when i created the all day event)

    • By: Artem Apr 24,2022 AT 8:05AM - Posted 1 year ago - #276211

      It seems to be working with enabled Use UTC offset time globally on calendars (BETA):


      Can we check the wp-admin dashboard for a test?

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