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Please help. Tried to change the url SLUG, and now all 600 pages are broken


Hit a point on frustration with ongoing issues, and then tried to change my event paging slug.
I was using /e/ as the slug, and I tried to replace it with exhibitions.

And that didnt work and now all of my 600 links are broken

Can someone please help me resolve this? Im not a coder, and I havent a clue what I need to do to resolve this….

BY: ryan lutz - May 12,2022 AT 1:17PM - 50 minutes ago
    • By: ryan lutz May 12,2022 AT 3:19PM - Posted 5 hours ago - #277878

      Got it figured out.  Did a back-up.

      Though I do want to know if it is possible to change the slug from /e/ to exhibition.  Also

      #2.  Re Events Paging.
      I have activated stop using event paging.
      What does the “select events paging” box determine?  Currently, I have the page specified as a page which has /e/ as the slug.
      So, Im not sure if this is correct, or incorrect.   Frankly, Im not sure the function, even after reading the literature.

      I do want to keep past events live, and  able to create an SEO benefit.  Can you advise what “select events page template” effects?  And if I need to take any further action

    • By: infotainerdave May 12,2022 AT 7:28PM - Posted 53 minutes ago - #277880

      if you change the slug then you need to resave your permalinks

      which is as simple as going to settings>>>>permalinks and resaving the page

    • By: infotainerdave May 12,2022 AT 7:32PM - Posted 50 minutes ago - #277882

      where have you found: select events paging” box did you mean select events paging template?

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