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Please integrate WP All Import Add On with EventOn and Schedules and Speakers


I’ve been reading about the WP All Import plugin and I think it could make it a lot easier to submit events and particularly event schedules. That way if a user wants to submit the entire schedule for a multi-day event all he/she would have to do is upload the CSV or XML file then the fields would be populated for the Event.

The users for my site will almost always be submitting  2- or 3-day events with each day having 6 to 8 one-hour sessions, so I doubt if many of them will have the patience to enter every single detail manually via the current schedule/speakers form.  So the addon will probably only be used for speakers, but not schedules.

The display of the schedule is beautiful but right now the form is rate-limiting and needs to be streamlined to be optimized for multi-session and multi-day use.

Please do something!


BY: cd690767 - Feb 15,2017 AT 3:59PM - 5 years ago
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