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Please remove the parentheses around the day name

I notice you put parentheses (round brackets) around the day name in the time field. It would look nicer if you remove these parentheses around the day name.

BY: bart2801 - Jan 8,2017 AT 3:35AM - 2 years ago
    • By: bart2801 Jan 8,2017 AT 3:36AM - Posted 5 years ago - #22693

    • By: bart2801 Jul 2,2017 AT 5:14AM - Posted 4 years ago - #41652

      This can be done using your own custom plugin. Add the following code:

      function my_eventcard_array($eventcard) {
      // Remove brackets from timetext
      $eventcard['timelocation']['timetext'] = str_replace(array( '(', ')' ), '', $eventcard['timelocation']['timetext']);
      return $eventcard;
      add_filter('eventon_eventcard_array', 'my_eventcard_array');

    • By: Scott Hartsell Mar 14,2018 AT 3:54PM - Posted 4 years ago - #69535

      There is a syntax error in the above function.

      Remove the “}” on the line just before

      return $eventcard;


    • By: Simon Sauer Jan 30,2019 AT 12:36AM - Posted 3 years ago - #109152

      Thank you for the code sample. Is there a way to show also the month?

    • By: Simon Sauer Jan 30,2019 AT 3:04AM - Posted 3 years ago - #109192

      Or you could use the “Allow universal event time format on eventCar” and specify the time format.


    • By: Ashan Perera May 13,2019 AT 3:41PM - Posted 2 years ago - #122991

      Best way to achive this to your desire is using the universal event time form as simon mentioned 🙂

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