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Plugin conflict(s)

I have been attempting to isolate the reason why Permalinks worked intermittently and why my password protected page went off into space after entering password and I started deactivating plugins. With the EventOn, EventLists Ext, FullCal and RSVP plus Contact Form 7 deactivated my website returned back to normal. We have been using EventOn for many years but something must have changed recently (like WordPress 5.8) causing a new conflict. Any help would be appreciated.

BY: CCSBAdmin - Aug 25,2021 AT 9:40AM - 5 months ago
    • By: Artem Aug 25,2021 AT 10:01AM - Posted 5 months ago - #249782


      …page went off into space…

      Could you elaborate more? Do you see an error?

    • By: infotainerdave Aug 25,2021 AT 4:36PM - Posted 5 months ago - #249814

      do you have a staging site we can work with

      its hard to diagnose without activating the plugins. so if you don’t have a staging site can we activate the eventon plugins and contact form 7
      and if so please provide links to error pages so we can test

      rsvp is out of date 2.7.2 should be 2.7.4

      To update eventon addons: You can download latest eventon addons from myeventon > my account. Then you can go to your website, deactivate old addon and install new one and activate then delete the old addon. This link will further explain the process. Also you can follow us on twitter to get real-time announcements on updates!

    • By: infotainerdave Aug 25,2021 AT 11:15PM - Posted 5 months ago - #249839

      for me when i activate eventon and then resave permalinks those 2 links are the same- they are not effected

      can we have the password for the members section? i don’t know what page has the 3 folders on it

      i have deactivated eventon.

      i’d recomment getting that staging site working so the staff here and yourself can have eventon always on so we can show you are have staff work on it across 24 hour periods- once the staging site is working- you can switch over and make it live.

      This is the issue we run into eventon helpdesk- activating a deactivated by customer plugin and leaving it on tends to make people very unhappy so we avoid it. 

    • By: Basilis Kanonidis Aug 29,2021 AT 11:36AM - Posted 5 months ago - #250131


      Thank you for letting us know.

      As I see there is no other assistance needed from us, right?

    • By: CCSBAdmin Aug 29,2021 AT 1:38PM - Posted 5 months ago - #250148

      I still have not figured out what is causing the intermittent problem on the website. Let’s close this tor now until I can figure out what the root cause is on the site.

    • By: Artem Aug 29,2021 AT 2:22PM - Posted 5 months ago - #250152

      I am going to close it. Please create a new ticket when ready.

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