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Plugin stability

We currently have the EventOn plugin installed as well as several additional paid add-ons. Last week, the plugin stopped loading events on our page. After updating the plugin this morning, it completely destabilized our entire website. We consulted our web developer and they’ve instructed us to take this issue up with the developers of EventOn and/or look for another events plugin. Here is their feedback through several emails:

“I wasn’t able to provide a patch for the issue, but the culprit is still that EventOn in combination with JavaScript cache. It appears to be related to something that the plugin is doing to reach a remote API, which is being blocked in precompilation leading to a parse error due to the response from either your server or the remote server. Hard to say which, it is so vague. Unfortunately, it will lead to more problems than just the issues on the homepage. It’ll break your other web forms and interactive widgets that load after the error.

Anyway, I put in a stop-gap by disabling JavaScript minification. This seems to prevent the parsing errors, allowing everything to render. This degrades speed optimization. I would recommend replacing the plugin or working with their vendor on resolving the issue.

I personally don’t know anything about that plugin but what I can say is that site speed optimizations and aggressive caching can test the stability of any plugin, especially when you throw our layers of security into the stack. Have they encountered this issue beyond a couple of isolated head-scratchers?”

Please advise on any help you can provide here. I’d love to keep using EventOn, but it seems it will keep breaking my site.


BY: Lisa Fritsch - Feb 22,2021 AT 2:38PM - 2 hours ago
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