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Possible request for paid functionality

For several months I have asked if there is any option so that an event on my calendar is not assigned a date, but only the month and that it appears as the last of the month within the main calendar. Another option is to leave said event with a duration of one month so that the date is not visible, however this event comes out first in the month and that is the opposite of what I want. They told me that I could leave a role request and if it was voted by multiple users they could integrate it to EventON, but this did not happen either.

They told me that there is a request option for them to do that feature in exchange for money, I would like to know how much this feature would cost or if this feature is currently being developed.


BY: Juan Sebastian Cotrino - Aug 7,2021 AT 9:40PM - 10 months ago
    • By: Ashish Rai Aug 7,2021 AT 11:06PM - Posted 10 months ago - #247816

      This will cost $200.

      If that is okay with you, you can mail me at reply501@hotmail.com

    • By: Juan Sebastian Cotrino Aug 8,2021 AT 10:03PM - Posted 10 months ago - #247860

      Why does it cost so much?

    • By: Ashish Rai Aug 9,2021 AT 1:02AM - Posted 10 months ago - #247877

      That is the rate.

      You also have the option to hire developers from fiverr.com

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