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Q: How do I position featured image to top of EventTop?

I would like to position featured images across the top of an EventTop tile.
i.e. As per the example shown on the right side of the Eventon home page (https://www.myeventon.com/).

BY: Tradewind25 - Oct 22,2021 AT 5:10AM - 3 months ago
    • By: Tradewind25 Oct 22,2021 AT 5:11AM - Posted 3 months ago - #256468

      This is the example I referred to:


    • By: Tradewind25 Oct 22,2021 AT 5:11AM - Posted 3 months ago - #256470

    • By: Artem Oct 22,2021 AT 6:52AM - Posted 3 months ago - #256488


      Please use this shortcode:

      [add_eventon tiles=”yes” tile_style=”1″ tile_bg=”1″]

    • By: Tradewind25 Oct 22,2021 AT 7:44AM - Posted 3 months ago - #256507


      Thanks for that.

      Q1: Ideally I would like each event tile to be full width, as they are at present. (They are being used in a sidebar, so fairly limited space.) Is that possible?

      Q2:  Are the various settings of the tile_style and tile_bg parameters documented anywhere?  (I don’t see anything on the EventON Documentation page.)


    • By: Tradewind25 Oct 22,2021 AT 8:20AM - Posted 3 months ago - #256513


      OK, I’ve discovered the parameter tile_count=”1″; so that’s Q1 answered.

      Q2 stands

      Q3: When an event does not have a featured image I get a large gap at the top of the tile where an image would be.  Can this be suppressed for those events without an image?


    • By: Tradewind25 Oct 22,2021 AT 8:50AM - Posted 3 months ago - #256519

      Q4:  When using tiles=”yes” the text on the tiles (Title etc.) can be truncated e.g. my 3 November event.  I had this issue with the original format when testing 4.0, but the issue there was resolved by installing version 4.0.1.  I now however need the same word wrapping when using tiles.
      See: https://dev.asbyparish.org.uk/test-eventon-2/

    • By: infotainerdave Oct 22,2021 AT 7:16PM - Posted 3 months ago - #256563


      Q3: no sorry it would require customization and we are currently not doing custom work at this time

      4: adding the following to Appearance>>>>customize>>>>>additonal css

      .ajde_evcal_calendar.boxy.boxstyle2 #evcal_list .eventon_list_event .evcal_desc span.evcal_event_title, .ajde_evcal_calendar.boxy.boxstyle2 #evcal_list .eventon_list_event .evcal_desc span.evcal_event_subtitle {

          white-space: pre-wrap;


      if that fails remove it and add this instead

      .ajde_evcal_calendar.boxy.boxstyle2 #evcal_list .eventon_list_event .evcal_desc span.evcal_event_title, .ajde_evcal_calendar.boxy.boxstyle2 #evcal_list .eventon_list_event .evcal_desc span.evcal_event_subtitle {

          white-space: pre-wrap !important;


    • By: Tradewind25 Oct 23,2021 AT 2:42AM - Posted 3 months ago - #256593

      Hi Dave

      Afraid neither of those variations worked.


    • By: Artem Oct 23,2021 AT 12:44PM - Posted 3 months ago - #256608

      Could you try adding the code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS?

    • By: Tradewind25 Oct 23,2021 AT 2:03PM - Posted 3 months ago - #256614


      Really don’t understand your post – I already have added the customised css.

      Please login to dev.asbyparish.org.uk to see this.


    • By: infotainerdave Oct 23,2021 AT 3:31PM - Posted 3 months ago - #256622

      works for me- the sub title goes to a new line

      clear  your browser cache

    • By: Tradewind25 Oct 24,2021 AT 2:26AM - Posted 3 months ago - #256634

      Thanks, Dave.
      [I have so many cache to clear in my system I forgot the obvious one! 🙁 ]

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