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QR Code add-on question - shortcode for page?

My client website has the tickets and QR codes add-ons. They recently discovered the QR code checkin process was giving a 404 error code.

I checked and discovered that someone on their team had deleted the original checkin page we created for them. I recreated the page, reset it as the QR code checkin page in your settings, but its a blank page. Is there some shortcode I need to add into the page?

Please advise.

BY: Bruce Hakala - Sep 8,2023 AT 11:08AM - 2 months ago
    • By: infotainerdave Sep 8,2023 AT 11:12AM - Posted 3 months ago - #325485

      the shortcode you want on the page is


      copy and paste that into the html part of the editor (not the visual so that you don’t copy additional code from this helpdesk)

      also in myeventon>>>>settings>>>>>qr code 

      QR Code Check-in page    set it to the new page

    • By: infotainerdave Sep 8,2023 AT 1:36PM - Posted 3 months ago - #325500

      you may need to resave your permalinks

      but in myeventon>>>settings>>>>qr code you need to set the page that the shortcode is on

      after that- try resaving your permalinks and then do some test scans- 

    • By: Artem Sep 10,2023 AT 2:40PM - Posted 2 months ago - #325561


      Thank you for your messages, I am going to assign this ticket to Ashan and he will be able to take it from here and find you a solution. Please allow some time for him to get back to you, we greatly appreciate your patience and thank you for being a eventon customer! Also please disable any IP blocking on your site if there are any.

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