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REgistering users

Dear Sir or Madam

I want to give people the possibility to sign up for the event. How can I get this working


RSVP Events

If I need to purchase these as well it is getting a bit expensive 🙂

Thanks for replying

BY: Urs E. Gattiker - Apr 10,2017 AT 11:07AM - 4 years ago
    • By: infotainerdave Apr 10,2017 AT 12:29PM - Posted 4 years ago - #33830

      RSVP is good if you want guests to sign up to event but not buy a ticket- its fast and easy and they don’t have to go through a checkout process- they can do it all at the event

      tickets is just that – you sell tickets to the event- and they pay online etc go through a woocommerce payment system etc- you can add free events this way but they still have to go through the checkout process which is time consuming

      Both RSVP and tickets also can use the QR scanning addon

      if you are not planning to sell tickets- go for the RSVP addon- its faster and cleaner for the guest which means more people will RSVP- the problem with events is getting people to the event- you gotta make it easy for them

    • By: Urs E. Gattiker Apr 10,2017 AT 9:22PM - Posted 4 years ago - #33860

      Thanks for replying.

      1. I iam also wondering if you can run RSVP and tickets, since on one event I would like to sell tickets ahead of time and the other not.  Just wondering
      2. What does the QR scanning add on really do If i use the RSVP only? I just have problems seeing people both with the scanning of the QR code?  You?

      Thanks for a reply

      Have a great night



    • By: infotainerdave Apr 14,2017 AT 7:31PM - Posted 4 years ago - #34315

      I believe rsvp and tickets will work at the same time- so to start with you turn on RVP and then set Close RSVP before event start (in minutes) well if you are going to choose days this may cause issues

      You could use tickets and have a free promo code on the event for people to use on checkout to make the price free and then when you want remove that coupon code

      book before the 1st of October to get in for free- use the couponcode: xyz at checkout to get in for free this way you would have a list of attendees all in one place instead of having an rsvp list and a tickets list

      qR code basically provides a QR code that iether goes in the ticket email to the customer or the rsvp’d email to the customer- you download a qr scanner (plenty around and some phones have them already) and they simplify letting people through the door- it stops people using duplicates for example because if a qr code is scanned it is in the system as yes they have entered and if someone else tries to use the same code it says NO- much faster for larger events if you only have 20 people turning up it may not be needed but with 100 people you want to quickly get people in without letting freeloaders in

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