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repeat event in eventcard popup

I would like to show the different times of an event when it is displayed through a popup …
when I see the event without the popup, it shows me the repeats of the event (in yellow), but with the popup, that doesn’t work …
– This is the correct way (without pop up): https://kulturagernika-lumo.eus/events/jinetes-de-la-justicia/
– An this is with the popoup mode: https://kulturagernika-lumo.eus/es/agenda-kultur-etxea-gernika/

I have used the custom meta to solve this issue, but I was wondering if it was possible to use the native schedule of the calendar to show it also when I use the popup
Thanks in advance.

BY: Pedro Sanz - Sep 21,2021 AT 5:18AM - 22 minutes ago
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