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Repeating event display text is causing confusion, would like to re-title it.

Almost all of our training events run for several sessions. For example: April 4th-8th, 1:00-3:00 PM.
We are using the subtitle text to let the user know at a glance that it is a multi-day session, which is slightly annoying.
We are using the repeat event function to actually put those times on the calendar, but on top of each multi-session event is text that says:

We would like it to read: “This is a multi-session event”

or better yet would be:
“This is a multi-session event that meets daily from April 4th-8th, 1:00-3:00 PM.”

By saying that it is a repeating event, it implies that the whole event repeats on each of those days, rather than our meaning which is that an entire course is (1) event that has multiple continuing sessions.

If neither option above is possible, can we simply turn off the repeating event alert at the top of the page, or move it somewhere else?

BY: Shaunna Jagneaux - Mar 10,2022 AT 2:06PM - 4 hours ago
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