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Restrict to certain email addresses in Action User

My question is if it is possible to setup so using the Action User plugin, can we restrict submissions to only have a certain email addresses than in one domain?

Example, I am doing a submission for a university website and they want to only accept submissions where the emails are from their domain. It will cut down on submissions they woulnd’t approve and this way they aren’t forcing people to create accounts.

Is this something than can be done in the options or possibly with a custom field?


BY: Corey Cutting - Aug 20,2021 AT 9:58AM - 5 hours ago
    • By: Artem Aug 20,2021 AT 12:08PM - Posted 5 hours ago - #249188


      Unfortunately, EventON doesn’t have such functionality. However, you could go to EventON Settings > Action User > enable Allow only logged-in users to submit events. Now you can restrict who can login to your website through WP’s.

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