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RSVP Management & Guest Check-in

We’re a library with 10 locations. We started using EventON during COVID and we’re scheduling more in-person programs in the coming months. We still need to limit capacity to some programs because of COVID and I’m planning on using the RSVP add-on. However, programmers will only want to see the guests attending their program at their branch. Ultimately, I need to be able to provide access to each branch to manage RSVPs (preferably on the front-end) so they can plan for the event before and check-in guests (if at all possible) at the event, too. I looked at the Action User add-on but I didn’t want to purchase anything else until I was sure it was necessary. I haven’t used all of the add-ons I purchased originally.

BY: Melissa Hudson - Jul 13,2021 AT 12:27PM - 54 minutes ago
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