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RSVP not working


When I click the “yes” button to RSVP, the event details window doesn’t go away. It covers the RSVP input fields. Unless I click the “X” to close the event details window…not good.

Also, I’m seeing a glitch where if I click off to the side of the RSVP area in the blank space, I get redirected to our “contact us” page.

Can you help me figure out what’s going on?
Am I running the latest version of EventOn? I’m wondering if my client hasn’t installed updates.



BY: bonnysteele - Jan 13,2017 AT 6:09AM - 5 years ago
    • By: bonnysteele Jan 13,2017 AT 6:30AM - Posted 5 years ago - #23394

      Nevermind. I see now that the add-ons weren’t activated and that updates weren’t applied. I’ve fixed it.



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