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RSVP Reminders for Repeat Events ?

An reminder is sent the first time to the people who have RSVP to an event. That’s OK.
But when it’s a repeating event, there is no reminder after the first one is already sent.

BY: Saad Sebti - Nov 27,2020 AT 2:54PM - 4 weeks ago
    • By: infotainerdave Nov 27,2020 AT 3:08PM - Posted 1 month ago - #208876

      sorry reminders doesn’t work with repeating

      Youhave to use the built in email to send info

    • By: Saad Sebti Dec 7,2020 AT 9:19AM - Posted 4 weeks ago - #210512

      OK thanks.

      Would you consider to add this new feature ?

    • By: Kenneth Gathogo Dec 7,2020 AT 9:44AM - Posted 4 weeks ago - #210516

      Hi Saad,

      You can request this feature by creating a new ticket and selecting  Feature Request as category so others can vote on your idea and get it moved into development faster.

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