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Seats are being undercounted in the seating plan. This is serious because we are overselling tickets.

We use Tickets and Seats. We have seating plans with multiple Zones that all use unassigned seating. We are selling more tickets than we have seats for….. When we look at the seating plan, selecting a zone appears to give the correct number of seats sold. However, editing the Zone shows the Number of Seats Sold as less than we expect. it’s the difference between this number and the Total Seats Available that determines the number of available tickets so we are over selling tickets. This is a serious problem.

We are using 3.1.6 with Tickets 1.9.4 and Seats 1.0.9. We have WP 5.8 and Woo 5.5.2

Thanks for any help.


BY: Clark Morton - Aug 27,2021 AT 9:23PM - 1 hour ago
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