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since upgrade to ~3.03 lost option to do manual entry for week repeats and date values

Scenario: Editor wants to add a weekly event for the coming year. As of v3.03 he now has to click 52 times on the weekrepeat button instead of manually entering the ’52’ in the field.
In our case its 100s of events, booking them for 104 repeats each. That’s a lot of clickin’

See number of repeats:

BY: pasabon - Nov 25,2020 AT 11:10AM - 1 week ago
    • By: Artem Nov 25,2020 AT 11:13AM - Posted 1 month ago - #208427


      We are aware of this issue and working on solution. Could you follow this ticket: https://helpdesk.ashanjay.com/ticket/4-03-number-of-repeats-is-limited-to-only-4-and-control-does-not-allow-manual-entry/?

      You can find my temporary solution in the #208017 message.

    • By: pasabon Nov 26,2020 AT 10:54AM - Posted 1 month ago - #208710

      will do, i filed as separate issue, since the 3.05 fix did not fix.

    • By: pasabon Nov 26,2020 AT 12:08PM - Posted 1 month ago - #208719

      Adding to this is the date input color is white, on a white background, could be theme, could be Eventon….

    • By: Artem Nov 26,2020 AT 12:29PM - Posted 1 month ago - #208728

      How it looks on our test server:

      Could you please try the instructions mentioned in this documentation to make sure your issue is indeed coming from eventon.

    • By: pasabon Nov 26,2020 AT 1:58PM - Posted 1 month ago - #208758

      Apologies gentlemen, this was in the them ‘twenty seventeen’, switched to ‘twenty twenty’ and solved.

    • By: pasabon Nov 26,2020 AT 2:00PM - Posted 1 month ago - #208761

      the color part was solved, not the max 4 or the manual entry

    • By: Artem Nov 27,2020 AT 4:05AM - Posted 1 month ago - #208808

      the color part was solved, not the max 4 or the manual entry

      Perfect! Please refer to the other ticket, Ashan is going to answer there.

    • By: pasabon Dec 29,2020 AT 5:03PM - Posted 1 week ago - #213289

      Guess the manual entry is not coming back …. ?

    • By: Kenneth Gathogo Dec 30,2020 AT 1:05AM - Posted 1 week ago - #213313

      Hi Pasaban,

      This issue should now be resolved in v 3.0.6.

      Would you mind updating to this version and let me know how it goes?

    • By: pasabon Dec 30,2020 AT 9:52AM - Posted 1 week ago - #213360

      Kenneth, guess i was the ones that have been patching away, invested ridiculous time in Eventon.

      Anyway, no it is still not possible to enter a repeat manually (numkeyboard type ‘5’ and ‘2’ to achieve a 52 week repeat. It’s been replaced by a swanky interface, with serious JS delays (at least on my machine)

    • By: Artem Dec 30,2020 AT 12:27PM - Posted 1 week ago - #213397


      We apologize for the issue.

      How it looks on our test server:

      Could you clean you cache and check again?

    • By: Basilis Kanonidis Dec 30,2020 AT 12:31PM - Posted 1 week ago - #213401


      We are sorry for the problems and we do understand the frustration – but we are trying hard to help here to get things shorted out!

      Have you updated?

    • By: pasabon Dec 30,2020 AT 6:25PM - Posted 1 week ago - #213526

      Guess what, it worked all along, but the JS delay is 5 secs before i see a blinking cursor, i never waited that long. Is an I5 from 2015 maybe getting to slow ? (separate clean chrome install with no cache has that delay of x seconds also)

      NB I have that delay in all the new UX data entry features of the event detail page (calendar popup, time dropdown, all +/- controls and the days of the week)

      NB2 the dataentry blinking cursor only works for repeatgap and number repeats, missing it on the start and enddate and time. oldscool enter and taborder tabbing through the eventdetails is not possible, everything is mousebased.

    • By: Kenneth Gathogo Dec 31,2020 AT 2:14AM - Posted 1 week ago - #213541

      Hi Pasabon,

      I’m sorry for any frustration caused by this.

      I can’t seem to replicate the delays on our server. You mentioned on your ticket that you were working on a local server. Can you confirm that your WordPress and theme are up to date? Also, it would really help if you could check if the issue can be reproduced when you have all other plugins disabled and while working on one of the stock WordPress themes.

      We would be happy to chase this down further if you could clone your site to a temporary staging domain and share some admin access.


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