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Slider is moving 2 slides when swiped

Hey there,
I just realized that the eventon slider moves two slides when swiped on mobile and also when swiped with a mouse on desktop view. Normaly it should move only to the next slide, not two slides. Don’t know if this is new or was there before. I turned of the modifications we made to the slider and the problem still exists. Could you help me please?

BY: Robert Amat Kreft - Jul 6,2021 AT 5:33AM - 56 seconds ago
    • By: Kenneth Jul 6,2021 AT 6:05AM - Posted 57 seconds ago - #244040

      Hi Robert,

      I am not able to replicate the issue on my end. The slider moves one slide as it should as shown here https://file.io/mNZVlJhMGHQF

      Kindly confirm, were you able to fix the issue?

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