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Slider not working at all

  • Hello,

    Im really struggling with you Event Slider. We have purchase it and several other addons but I cant get the slider to display at all.

    I spent a long time googleing how to add the slider because there are no obvious docs on the purchase / wp admin / demo pages. I eventually found this page:

    which says to add a slider go to WordPress menu from: myEventOn > Slider Addon. This option does not exist for me. I have WordPress menu from: myEventOn > Slider. Inside that are just settings for the slider.
    See: https://www.evernote.com/l/ARc6LTBnNxBAnKf5wBLbMu8zH1L5E7uu5Nc

    There is alos no ‘slider’ listed under Admin > Events as I expected.

    So i’ve not been able to create a slider.

    I added the licenses to my dev site in case this was causing the issue but nothing changed.

    Please improve your docs on the slider and tell me how to add a slider.

    Im running version 1.0.6
    Wordpress Version 5.0.3


    BY: nick bain | Jan 11,2019 AT 4:54AM | Updated 4 days ago
    • Hello,

      EventON Slider Addon http://www.eventonslider.com/ and Event Slider https://www.myeventon.com/addons/event-slider/ are two different products.

      I can see in our system that you’ve purchased Event Slider – Single Site so this documentation won’t work http://www.eventonslider.com/documentation/.

      To make Event Slider work please go to Add/Edit Page and press []ADD EVENTON > choose Event Slider > copy the shortcode and paste it to the page.

      BY: Artem | Jan 11,2019 AT 5:42AM | Posted 1 week ago
    • Hi,


      thanks for the replay.

      Sorry I followed your instructions but “]ADD EVENTON > choose Event Slider > ” is not available on my add edit page.

      On the add/edit page I can add a block called EventON but it only shows the calendar. There is no slider option.

      Can you tell me what the shortcode should be please or point me to the documentation about using this addon?

      This is what i See:



      BY: nick bain | Jan 15,2019 AT 3:21AM | Posted 4 days ago
    • Note there is nothing in your docs for ‘event slider’


      BY: nick bain | Jan 15,2019 AT 3:24AM | Posted 4 days ago
    • https://www.evernote.com/l/ARci6u-R9iNHXYNVADKpiLYN1t7cA86fcOw

      Please install Classic Editor plugin to be able to see [] ADD EVENTON button. You can also go to EventON > ShortCodes > [ ] GENERATE SHORTCODE > choose Event Slider. Please try to add this basic Event Slider shortcode to some page:

      BY: Artem | Jan 15,2019 AT 4:34AM | Posted 4 days ago


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