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Some valid events not displaying or displaying with strikethrough

Some valid, published events with the correct date and time settings are either not displaying at all, while others display with a line through the event name, as if it has been cancelled. The default date appears to se set correctly and I have the calendar set to display 3 months with the following simple shortcode: [add_eventon_list number_of_months=”3″]

When trying to troubleshoot, I found the following advice in your support documents, but if I follow that advice it displays past events too, which I do not wish to do:
“Cause #3: Hide past
Go to myeventon settings. Make sure the Hide past is not enabled. If enabled this can hide all the past events, which can show less events on calendar than events added.” Following this instruction yields unwanted results and does not fix the problems mentioned above.

The URL where I am having issues is https://plymouthareademocrats.org/main-calendar/

BY: Gunnar Baldwin - Aug 21,2021 AT 5:24AM - 2 hours ago
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