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Sort Order of items in a list


At https://www.degroenejagercatering.nl/online-bestellen/ below “Broodjes” we use the shortcode below:

[add_foodpress_menu style=”one” ux=”lightbox” orderby=”menu_order” order=”ASC” wordcount=”10″ show_menu_updated=”no” addcart=”no” menu_type=”ss_5″ dish_type=”46″ ]

Now we want to change the order of the “Broodjes” (put the popular ones on top). We tried to move the products like we are used to in WooCommerce but that did not work.

Hope you can help us, we looked but cant find out how to change this order.

Hope you can help!

Warm Regards,


BY: Ralph de Groot - Apr 18,2017 AT 1:04PM - 4 years ago
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