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still bugs in latest version

Eventon 4.5.4 works perfectly without issues

When I update to any of the latest version including 4.5.9 I have the following issues:
1. I cannot jump in months in the event list frontend
2. Event times are shifted 1h in the ticket checkout process

After every update since 4.5.4 I have to rollback and we get a lot of complains of our users

BY: DAV BGH - Feb 19,2024 AT 8:27AM - 6 days ago
    • By: Artem Feb 19,2024 AT 12:18PM - Posted 2 weeks ago - #341456


      1. Please try clearing the browser cache manually.

      2. Could you make sure to update Tickets add-on as well? Also go to EventON > Time Settings > Timezone and wp-admin > Settings > General > Timezone are the same.

    • By: DAV BGH Feb 20,2024 AT 1:47AM - Posted 2 weeks ago - #341482

      Hi Artem,

      I have checked both time zone settings and they are UTC+1 and GMT+1.

      Browser and WP caches are deleted. Problem occurs anyway.



    • By: Artem Feb 20,2024 AT 3:58AM - Posted 2 weeks ago - #341488

      Please send us wp-admin access to your site as a private message for us to further assist your situation.

    • By: Artem Feb 20,2024 AT 1:47PM - Posted 1 week ago - #341554

      After you updated EventON, have you also updated Tickets add-on?

    • By: DAV BGH Feb 20,2024 AT 2:25PM - Posted 1 week ago - #341566

      yes, both were on the last version.

    • By: infotainerdave Feb 21,2024 AT 12:06AM - Posted 1 week ago - #341599

      you have ip address blocking so other countries can’t login (I can understand that- I have that on my site as well)

      Australia, Africa, nepal and USA will get us access

    • By: DAV BGH Feb 21,2024 AT 1:07AM - Posted 1 week ago - #341604

      I have deactivated the GEOIP blocking so you can debug the problem. I will enable it afterwards again

    • By: Artem Feb 21,2024 AT 4:27AM - Posted 1 week ago - #341631

      Your version of Tickets is 2.2.3, which the latest version is 2.2.6. Could you update? It will fix the time issue during Checkout.

      To update eventon addons: You can download latest eventon addons from myeventon > my account. Then you can go to your website, deactivate old addon and install new one and activate then delete the old addon. This link will further explain the process. Also you can follow us on twitter to get real-time announcements on updates!

    • By: DAV BGH Feb 25,2024 AT 2:48PM - Posted 1 week ago - #342053

      I have updated to the latest version.

      On my browser(s) it wokrs fine, hover I get many complains from users who cannot switch month in the event list. I asked them to clear the browser cache and the problem still occurs.

      Can you pleas fix this asap or do I need to downgrade again?

    • By: Artem Feb 26,2024 AT 4:01AM - Posted 1 week ago - #342075

      I cannot login to your website. Could you check and send us the correct login info?

    • By: Artem Feb 26,2024 AT 4:01AM - Posted 1 week ago - #342077

      Do you have some kind of cache plugin on the server?

    • By: DAV BGH Feb 27,2024 AT 12:52AM - Posted 1 week ago - #342177

      I have disabled GeoIP blocking and activated your account again so can access.

      Of course we have a server caching plugin (WP fastest cache) and i have deleted all caches after plugin update

    • By: Artem Feb 27,2024 AT 1:47AM - Posted 1 week ago - #342181

      And on which page they cannot switch the month? Could you send us a link?

      /programm/ seems to be working for me.

      Could you try going to EventON > Scripts & Styling > disable Load eventON scripts and styles only on eventON pages and Disable Jitsi script? Clear the cache plugin afterwards.

    • By: DAV BGH Feb 28,2024 AT 1:09AM - Posted 6 days ago - #342283

      Hi Artem,

      changing the “Load Eventon styles” has solved the problem of switching months.



    • By: Artem Feb 28,2024 AT 3:11AM - Posted 6 days ago - #342290

      Perfect! We will take a look into this.

      We are glad your issue is resolved, if you have any further questions or concerns please create a new ticket.

      If you have a moment, we would greatly appreciate if you could kindly leave us a review at myeventon/my-account!. Cheers!

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