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Successfull RSVP confirmation page not showing and no email notification for new RSVP

  • When sending an RSVP:

    – The user does get a confirmation via eMail -> OK
    – The RSVP shows up correctly in RSVP attendee List -> OK
    – The author does no longer get a “New RSVP” email -> ERROR
    – The user does not get the green Successfull Confirmation page -> ERROR

    I have this problem on two different WP sites.
    Is there any new switch I have misst during the Corona pause ?

    I reinstalled Event on already.
    Mailsending ist working, RSVP is simply not sending the Mail to the author.

    WordPress: 5.5.1
    Event ON: 2.9.1
    RSVP Events: 2.6.11

    BY: Jan-Hendrik Wassermann - Sep 15,2020 AT 6:51AM - 2 hours ago
    • By: Basilis Kanonidis Sep 15,2020 AT 12:07PM - Posted 2 hours ago - #195282

      Hello Jan,

      Please provide backend details for us to be able to review and work on it

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